Your investment and lifestyle will be assured

Choosing to live in a retirement village is an important decision.

Like any significant financial choice, due diligence is important, and we encourage you and your family to discuss the implications with you solicitor.

We are happy to provide further information to assist with this conversation.

Below is a summary of our commitments and the reasons that a move to the village is a positive lifestyle choice.

The weekly fees are fixed for life

You can be certain of what your weekly costs are, with the weekly fee fixed for the duration of your time in your villa or apartment.

The only additional costs you need to pay (as you would in your own home) are power, gas, Sky/TV, and your telecommunications.

Should you choose to receive additional services in your villa – for example, meals or cleaning – these costs will be passed on to you. We will also decrease your weekly fee to the single resident rate should one partner no longer permanently reside in your villa or apartment.

It’s ok to change your mind

If you change your mind within 15 working days of signing your Occupation Rights Agreement for any reason, we will cancel your ORA and refund your deposit in full.

This gives you the opportunity to change your mind if your circumstances change and you decide not to go ahead within 15 days of signing the ORA.

The village contribution is capped at 25%

Our village contribution is capped at 25% of the entry price you pay for your villa or apartment.

Our Village Contribution is 25%, and we only charge this once. This means that if you transfer to another villa or apartment, you will never pay an additional village contribution fee – just a nominal transfer fee to cover the costs associated with your move. We have a transfer policy that outlines the details of a move within the village. 

No capital loss

We guarantee that the amount we repay you will not be affected by capital loss or any decline in the value of your home.

This gives you the certainty that you know how much money you will receive when your villa is sold, regardless of how the property market is at the time.

If there is a capital loss, we will absorb this loss – not you.

No ongoing maintenance costs

We will take care of all exterior maintenance jobs from any damage caused by normal wear and tear and cover the cost of this work.

If it needs fixing from normal wear and tear, we will take care of it so you don’t have to worry about it.  Our maintenance team will be on hand to help take care of all exterior maintenance needs.

Insurance is taken care of

Our building insurance will cover your home.

We will invest annually in comprehensive insurance for the Village, so if there is a catastrophic event, the Village’s infrastructure and villas will be covered.

If a major event occurred and we were unable to rebuild your villa here or in a nearby location, we will pay you the full sum you paid for your unit, without the village contribution deducted.

Care if and when you need it

We guarantee you priority access to our on-site Care Centre once it is built.

And while you are able to stay in your own home, we will help you receive the care you need – either through government-subsidised or private care.

Selling your villa is easy and free

When you no longer require your villa, we will take care of the sales process for you.

We will take care of all marketing and ensure our extensive database knows your home is for sale. We will refurbish the villa at no additional cost (unless there is more than fair wear and tear damage to your home).

There will be no deductions for an administration fee, advertising, marketing or sales commissions. We make the process as simple as we can and provide regular updates during the sales process.

Please do make sure you carefully review the Occupation Rights Agreement and Disclosure Statement, available from our sales manager. It is important you understand these two documents, and your lawyer can help you to review these and answer any questions.

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