About the Village

Considering a move to the Arrowtown Lifestyle Village may raise some key questions.

We have provided answers to the queries we get asked most often.

If you require any further details please ask our Sales Manager.

When will the communal facilities be built?

We currently have an interim Residents’ Lodge for the exclusive use of our residents and their guests.

Our expansive 1400m² community centre is now under construction. It will include an indoor pool and spa, salon and craft spaces, cinema, restaurant and cafe and beautiful indoor and outdoor social areas. Truly a resort lifestyle.

Is there and entry age requirement to live at The Arrowtown Lifestyle Village?

Yes, our residents must be at least 65 years of age. This applies to all residents of the villa, i.e. both partners in a couple must be at least 65.

What is an Occupation Rights Agreement or ORA?

Villas and apartments will be sold under Occupation Right Agreement, sometimes referred to as Occupation Licence. It is important that anyone intending to purchase a villa in the Arrowtown Lifestyle Village fully understands the nature of the ownership of their home. This is covered in much more legal detail in the Occupation Rights Agreement (ORA), but to summarise:

  • When you buy a villa in Arrowtown Lifestyle Village, you sign an ORA.
  • This gives you the right to live in your villa and enjoy the use of all the village facilities.
  • The title to the land and building remains with the Arrowtown Lifestyle Village.
  • The ORA does not carry any entitlement to capital gain when you move out and the villa is resold.

The ORA is the most common form of occupation and ownership in retirement villages in New Zealand. All villages are governed by the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and its regulations. The Act requires the appointment of a Statutory Supervisor whose role it is to protect the rights of the village residents, particularly so in the event of the village operator failing to honour its obligations under the Retirement Villages Act.

There is a lot of legal documentation around an ORA, all designed to protect you as a resident. It is important you ask your lawyer to review this and address any queries – most lawyers are familiar with this type of contract as it is typical in the retirement village industry. If your lawyer is not, please get him/her to contact us, and we can put them in touch with other lawyers who can run through it with them.

What payments do I need to make if I move into Arrowtown Lifestyle Village?

There are three types of payments that you will make to Arrowtown Lifestyle Village:

1. The Entry Price – this is the amount you pay for your villa.

2. The Weekly Fee – this fee is charged for each villa and covers your share of all the village costs – in effect similar to a body corporate charge. This includes:

  • Rates
  • Access to all community facilities
  • Maintenance of your villa, including window cleaning
  • Building insurance
  • 24 hour emergency call response system
  • Landscaping and garden maintenance, outside your villa and throughout the village
  • Village management and operational expenses
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the common facilities within the village.

3. Additional Services – as your needs change, you may wish to get more assistance and take up the offer of village-provided services delivered to your villa e.g. assistance with housekeeping, laundry, general living or meals. There will be a charge for these sorts of services. This can be discussed further with our Village Manager.

The only other costs you will have will be your normal personal living expenses e.g. food, power, gas, phone and internet, TV/Sky provider, and contents insurance. In our experience, many of these costs are lower than when you live in your own home e.g. power costs are lower as your home is new and very well insulated, and petrol costs are often lower as our residents enjoy more of the activities within the village.

How much is the weekly fee and will it be 'fixed for life'?

The weekly will fee be fixed for the duration of time you spend in your villa or apartment (unless you choose to pay for additional services such as care or housekeeping). Each year the weekly fee will be set for new residents who move in during that year. Residents of early stages will have a lower weekly fee than those who move into the village later. The Sales Manager can advise the current weekly fee.

What payments do I make when I leave the Arrowtown Village?

When you leave the village, there are no hidden costs or additional “extras” that will surprise you.  The exit payment is a percentage of your original purchase price, calculated on a monthly basis at 5% per year for 5 years, to a maximum of 25%.

Can a Family Trust purchase an ORA?

The Occupation Rights Agreement can only be issued in the names of the resident/residents occupying the dwelling.  However, the funds used to purchase your villa can come from a Family Trust.  In this case, a separate Deed will be drawn up between the parties involved to legally identify where the funds came from, and where they are later to be distributed when your villa is sold.

I am a keen gardener. Can I have input into the garden around my villa?

Once you move in, we encourage you to enjoy your garden, and if you want to keep your fingers green we are more than happy for you to do this.

We have a wonderful landscape architect who plans each villa’s garden, from an extensive range of hardy plants that thrive in the Arrowtown climate. Because we are responsible for maintaining the gardens around your villa, we ask that you speak to us about any changes you would like to make to ensure they will be suitable. Depending on the extent of the changes, there may be additional cost for labour, plans and consultation with the landscape architect.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

We are responsible for the exterior maintenance of your villa. However, any repairs which are not attributable to fair wear and tear may be charged back to you.  This decision is solely at the discretion of the Village Manager. The village Facilities Manager is the point of contact for all maintenance issues and enquiries.

Am I able to have my pets living with me?
We understand the integral part pets can play in your family, so a small domestic animal is welcome to join you in your new villa, providing it is an adult animal suitable for village life and unlikely to disrupt neighbours.Unfortunately pets are unsuitable for the apartments (once built). We would be pleased to discuss our pet policy with you.
Can I rent out my villa to someone else?
No. The Occupation Rights Agreement can only be issued in the names of the resident/residents occupying the dwelling. To protect the village and other residents, your villa cannot be rented out or occupied by others. Part of moving into a village is the peace of mind which comes from knowing who your neighbours are, and having confidence that the village will remain a pleasant and peaceful place to be.
Can my family and friends stay?
Of course, this is your home. Your family, grandchildren and friends are very welcome to stay with you for short periods of time. However, they may not move in on a permanent basis without prior approval from the Village Manager. You will also need to be in residence when your guests stay.
Will Arrowtown Lifestyle Village be safe and secure?
Your personal and general security is very important to us. While security is not as great an issue here in Arrowtown as it is in larger cities, the village is a gated community. The entry gates are closed in the evenings, with code access for residents and their friends. Between the hours of 9am and 5pm on weekdays a staff member will be on site monitoring the comings and goings of visitors to the village.

Your personal security is also protected with strategically placed emergency call buttons in each villa that are monitored 24 hours a day.

How do I go about purchasing a Villa at Arrowtown Lifestyle Village?

The first step is to complete an Expression of Interest form for the village by making contact with our Sales Manager. Please call 03 442 1050 to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

In terms of paying for a villa, once you have reserved your villa, a refundable $2,500 deposit will be payable. The balance isn’t due until the Settlement Date, which is once the villa is completed and ready for occupation.

When should I start to market my house?

This will depend on the status of the villa you are purchasing i.e. it may already be complete or it may be under construction. We recommend listing your house with an agent three months prior to the expected settlement date for your villa. Our Sales Manager will discuss this with you in detail.

Please note: The questions and answers above are provided for your convenience. We have attempted to be as accurate as possible, but it does not replace the need for you to read and understand the Occupational Rights Agreement and Disclosure Statement. Where a conflict arises between the interpretation of this paper or these documents, the ORA and Disclosure Statement shall take precedence.


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