Care, when you need it

Arrowtown Lifestyle Village plans to offer a full continuum of care to residents, from support while living independently in villas, to a residential care facility which will provide rest home, hospital and specialist dementia care.

In future, residents of Arrowtown Lifestyle Village will have priority access to the aged care centre should their needs advance over time.

For those residents living independently in villas and apartments, we will take care of the lawn-mowing, gardening and maintenance of your home. Should any of our residents require additional care, our village team can advise on additional local services that provide in-home support.

It is comforting to know that every villa comes with a 24-hour emergency call system to respond to residents should they require assistance.

Pioneer resident, Yvonne Key, shares her recent experience living in her new home at Arrowtown Lifestyle Retirement Village during the COVID-19 “lock down” period.

"The world has changed so quickly in the last few months that sometimes it’s hard to believe the scale of the crisis. Having a home in the village has made the change so much easier to deal with.

We are never lonely here. There is always someone to wave to or chat with over the fence. When I take Tookie for a walk around the village, I’m sure to see someone and stop for a chat – though Tookie is missing the extra pats she normally gets!"

Yvonne Key

Pioneer residents of new retirement villages are a special group of people – brave enough to buy off plans, with optimism for the future village that will grow around them.

It’s not surprising that Mary May is one of those pioneers – recently moving in as the 4th resident at the Arrowtown Lifestyle Retirement Village.

“I already feel so at home, the staff here are amazing and my villa is beautiful and easy to live in. All the stress has been taken out of my life – I don’t have to worry about looking after a big home or gardens any more."

Mary May

For a keen golfer, Arrowtown Retirement Village is the perfect location – situated right next door to The Hills Golf Course, a 4-minute drive to Millbrook and a 2-minute drive to the Arrowtown Golf Club – although the clubhouse, as the crow flies, is only 300m away!

David Johns is a very keen golfer, typically playing 3-4 times a week. He didn’t have to think for long before buying a home in Stage 1 of the village’s development.

“I was living in Queenstown in an apartment at The Rees Hotel – a stunning place to live, but a fair way from a golf course!”

David Johns